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This service provides mental health support to those facing emotional, behavioural, and social challenges. Our professional psychologists utilise various therapeutic techniques to help individuals manage stress, overcome fears, improve relationships, and cope with life changes. Our goal is to enhance mental health, resilience, and overall quality of life.


Key benefits:

  • Enhances Mental Health: Psychological services provide support and strategies to help individuals manage mental health challenges, enhancing their overall emotional well-being.
  • Improves Coping Skills: By teaching effective coping mechanisms, psychology services help individuals to handle stress and changes effectively.
  • Fosters Self-Understanding: Psychology services promote better self-understanding, aiding individuals in identifying their strengths and areas for growth.

Our psychologists will work collaboratively with you to provide talk based therapy and counselling. Psychology services aims to support you to manage your mental health needs and navigate through life challenges

Our services includes:

  • Trauma reaction, adjustment and post-traumatic stress
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Sexual issues including gender, change, trauma
  • Weight loss, eating disorders
  • Chronic pain management
  • Psychological and cognitive assessments
  • Counselling
  • Mood and anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Grief and loss

What We Want You to Experience

Unparalleled Quality


Experience the unparalleled quality of care that we can provide.

Multi-Cultural NDIS


What makes Care Mode unique is our multi-cultural approach to the NDIS.



We believe care should be as people-centred as possible.