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Positive Behaviour Support

Our Behaviour Support services are designed to help individuals experiencing challenges manage their behaviours due to their disabilities. We use evidence-based strategies to create personalised plans focusing on reducing problematic behaviours and promoting positive ones. This involves understanding the reasons behind the behaviours and teaching new skills to replace them, thus improving quality of life, independence, and social connections.

Key benefits:

  • Enhances Quality of Life: Behaviour support services improve the life quality of individuals by reducing the impact of challenging behaviours and promoting socially appropriate behaviours.
  • Promotes Independence: By teaching new skills and behaviours, individuals are better equipped to handle daily tasks independently, thus improving their self-esteem and autonomy.
  • Fosters Social Integration: Improved behaviour helps in better social integration, enhancing interactions with others and fostering a sense of community belonging.

Our mutli – disciplinary behavioural support team are trained in behaviour assessments and strategies, operations and data gathering, which contributes to the development of comprehensive behavioural support plans. Our team consists of varied skill sets, inclusive of multi-lingual and multi-educated therapists.

Our services includes:

  • Skill development
  • Functional Behaviour Assessment
  • Development of staff training resources
  • Development of support training
  • Improved communication and social skills
  • Environmental changes
  • Safe methods of response to unsafe behaviours
  • Stress and anger management

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