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Delivering Comprehensive Assistance

The cornerstone of the NDIS lies in personalised support packages that cater to the unique needs of eligible individuals with disabilities. Upon full implementation of NDIS, it is projected that approximately 460,000 Australians will be the beneficiaries of these individualised supports.

The NDIS also has a broader role in helping people with disability to:

Leverage Mainstream Services

Including healthcare, accommodation, and educational facilities.

Engage with Community Services

Like local sports organisations and public libraries.

Sustain Informal Support Networks

Including familial ties and personal friendships.

Objectives and principles


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australia-wide initiative designed to provide support to individuals with permanent and significant disability. Established by the Australian Government, the NDIS is designed to help disabled individuals live fully, pursue their goals and participate in their communities. 

The program aims to provide comprehensive assistance to enhance its participants’ health, well-being, and prospects by financing customised services and support that cater to their individualised requirements. The initiative’s guiding principles prioritise individuals, inclusivity, empowerment, and cooperation. Its primary goals include:

  • NDIS aims to provide people with disabilities the necessary support to enhance their skills and independence, fostering their social and economic participation.
  • NDIS adopts a lifetime approach to investment in people with disability, promoting timely intervention and long-term sustainable care.
  • NDIS is designed to give individuals choice and control over their support, enabling them to choose who delivers their support and how it’s

Find Out if You're Eligible

To be eligible for support under the NDIS, an individual must:
It’s important to note that early intervention supports might also be available for individuals with a disability or condition that is likely to be permanent or for children under 6 with developmental delay, where early intervention would substantially improve their outcomes.



We offer no-cost NDIS guidance sessions to assist you in navigating through all stages of your NDIS journey.
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This one-on-one session ensures a confidential space where you can openly discuss your circumstances and NDIS plan. It also provides a platform to get all your queries addressed effectively. Embrace this opportunity to understand better and make the most of your NDIS plan.