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Community Access

Our Community Access facilitates social inclusion and active participation in community activities. We assist individuals with disabilities to engage in local events, visit public establishments, use public transportation, and much more. We aim to help our participants build social connections, enhance their cultural understanding, and enjoy recreational activities that interest them. Through these efforts, we promote a sense of belonging and help individuals with disabilities lead enriching balanced lives. We strive to ensure that all our participants can access and enjoy the community just like everyone else.

Key benefits:

  • Facilitates greater social inclusion, combating feelings of isolation and loneliness.
  • Encourages independence and confidence through engagement with a variety of community activities.
  • Promotes better mental health through leisure, recreation, and personal development opportunities.


By including community access in your NDIS plan, participants can avail assistance for involvement in local activities, social groups, or public services.

What We Want You to Experience

Unparalleled Quality


Experience the unparalleled quality of care that we can provide.

Multi-Cultural NDIS


What makes Care Mode unique is our multi-cultural approach to the NDIS.



We believe care should be as people-centred as possible.