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Access & Maintain Employment / Education

Care Mode understands the significance of employment and education in leading a fulfilling life. Our program assists individuals with disabilities in finding and maintaining employment or continuing their education. We help build job skills, offer vocational guidance, and provide necessary accommodations for a successful education or work journey. 

Our team works tirelessly to create opportunities that match individual skills and interests, aiming to foster independence and economic self-sufficiency. With the right support, everyone can contribute to their community and achieve their career goals.

Key benefits:

  • Enhances self-sufficiency and confidence by providing the tools necessary for gainful employment or furthering education.
  • Promotes economic independence and increased quality of life.
  • It opens pathways to social interaction, broadening networks, and strengthening community ties.


Including this service in your NDIS plan can help bridge the gap between disability and successful employment or education. It provides necessary resources, training, and support to build skills, and explore career or educational pathways, thereby enhancing independence and promoting economic participation.

What We Want You to Experience

Unparalleled Quality


Experience the unparalleled quality of care that we can provide.

Multi-Cultural NDIS


What makes Care Mode unique is our multi-cultural approach to the NDIS.



We believe care should be as people-centred as possible.